Tax money: more responsible approach!

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our state finances are more than healthy. It looks very much as if 2018 could be completed with a surplus of 1.5 billion. And this trend is continuing this year as well: in the first six months revenue rose again by 13.2 percent. Not surprisingly, the state has as a stranglehold on the country, as for example free public transport and / or child care centers. We have been living at an elevation of about 20 years, which was already in the CSV state. wasn’t it Gambia who promised to open the window against the mief, wasn’t it Gambia who had put 256 austerity measures at the very beginning of this rain ?! I don’t want to spoil the fun, but there are a number of questions to ask.


  • W as it not time to abolish the solidarity tax? Is it not a hoax to swim in the money and still act as if the government had to fight a crisis?
  • Shouldn’t this excess be put into a good part of the sovereignty fund, which is considered the apple of the thirst, as a future for the next generation? The most awkward 50 million years will be enough to make shame red in the face!
  • Isn’t it time for a next tax reform? In fact, the tax burden is in complete disrepair: 67 percent are owed by private individuals, 33 by operators. That’s a ratio 2 to 1!

“…does the police have to actually assist 840 officers ….!”

It is a good idea for a state or local project to become more expensive or longer over the years when it is implemented. The sewer in the underground was not re-opened within 24 months, but has up to 40 months behind it. The football field is not expensive at 20 million and rising from 58 million to 76.5 million is equivalent to almost 35 per cent! And yet, the thing is not finished yet. That reminds me of the colossal prize that came out at the end for the Pei Museum.

I read an explicit article on the stadium in July 27, concerning the arena: there was an underestimation of the cost of a façade, and the illumination of the façade amounted to 840,000 euros. There you go to the Colis! What does it make sense to ask for a quote anyway? Sure, it comes with a “regular” project on a project, but then it is possible to spend less money on another project so that the budget is not completely spent. But in Luxembourg: no charge, it doesn’t matter!


T he police will get 840 civil servants, 600 for the immediate purpose, others for the administrative area. I do not want to address the problems of the police here: with the growth of the population, the incidents for the uniformed also rise. However, I wonder how this number of 840 officials came about!

For there was no external audit, but the police themselves were asked, which brought them to such additional staff. Hands-on: if you were asked to attend a service, how many employees you would like to contribute, you certainly won’t be doubled! Every boss in the service quickly arrives, in the other case he is considered a bad chef. The policy eventually united with the police and their union on this figure of 840. As I said, it is possible that the high number is justified, but the way in which it came to be is anything but objective, not transparent. And so on: 840 officials plus, that costs a whole lot of money!

We must not forget that it is tax money, and that the new police officer (s) will be paid for by two-thirds of the citizens! And how did my grandmother say: The trees do not grow in the sky!


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