That cursed 7 year for the government

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three political mastodoners have left politics! Vice Prime Minister Etienne Schneider makes it official only on February 4, but his announcement of “picking up,” “seeking a new life” is a resignation. One of Gambia’s architects disappears in 2013, according to him. however, the elections for the socialists are not about ideology,

but solely for the sake of political survival: the LSAP had so far made the worst election result, a coalition with the CSV would have been computationally possible, but not political, after all, the blacks would enjoy being a cinematic killer in the SREL affair. submitted. From a socialist point of view, therefore, only the possibility of a three-coalition remained. That is called “opening the windows to release the old mief”! Etienne is now leaving (surprisingly) the government quickly; with him lost an important support for the coalition and also for the premier Bettel.

Braz is the second Commissioner, who did not go voluntarily, but for the well-known health reasons. But he is also considered a co-thinker for the Triangle Coalition; After all, green representatives had regularly met with blue politicians before, in order to reflect and to deny this red wine shop ‘s connection with the “Pizza Connection”, as this could make the politically-inclined Luxembourg a little more colorful. The blue – not only politicians, but also financial jugglers – were uninterested, as the experience of the nodules showed that the Greens had eaten cherries throughout, and that one should not go with them for any ideological petty ‘Collapse blood. Felix, too, acted as a rod of the Trinity Coal and again, even for the Premier Bettel!

Bodry is the third man to withdraw from active politics, though not a man of government, but a representative with government experience, a great connoisseur of the political couloir. Alex is the second Socialist to step away from the Gambia in the 7th year and seek his new happiness in the State Council.

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He also leaves a big political hole – in the power market and in the scenes: more than once he could prevent, in the plenary or in the parliamentary commissions, that the government team did not completely plagiarize the opposition. A third important step for the Coalition, where we ask ourselves: are these three departments enough to wipe out the government that the ship could even undergo?


… Political observers agree: if the Gambia implodes,

then this year …

… because the following year is already too close to the next election term. Should it actually come to a government crisis, the new coalition would still have about 30 months to persuade the voters – or not. A new coalition can only happen to the CSV, purely arithmetic; apart from the fact that the blacks would be easily beaten – who is a minstrel? – would be the CSV for the first time in the role of the “small” coalition partner, in the sense that they could not stand the premier. But until now, it remains to be seen how well the rest of the three-track band can claim. I very much expect a new wind from Vice Prime Minister Dan Kersch, of whom it is however unlikely that he will reverse his prime in complicated situations: his mission (impossible?) Consists in pushing a more socialist stamp of government policy. So pour out the tomato juice and focus on the grains. So far, the pleasures in this respect have often received the second prize: the raising of the minimum wage was a socialist idea, which however the Liberals reverted to themselves.

There is also some debate on how good the green people can get in the government and the people. The climate package is, until now, just a package, but should be the best thought out in the European Union. Criticism will not fail, and Claude Turmes, Carole Dieschbourg and consorts will receive a strong wind blowing. Let’s see if they have the required shoe size so as not to overturn! The last few weeks have shown, on an international level, as well as in Luxembourg, that the opposition to CO2 hysteria is growing …


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