That you do not go!


The green MEP Thilly Metz therefore went to a military camp in Flanders and sat there with two other ladies on a country gun. Out protest! It reminds us of the good old times. However, the action brought little, except that we were reminded that there are still nuclear weapons, and even quite close to us. For the rest, it was a PR action by Thilly Metz who, three months before the European elections, wanted to come on the conversation. And you need to have a good staging in your head and drop such phrases, like.

my biggest fear was being able to get shot!

Just as if she was in acute danger! And right away, she reassured us: we were treated properly, the soldiers just did their job! Great UFF!


The lobster, however, is François Bausch, recently not only responsible for the mobility, but also for the defense of our country. The man dropped the Emily Metz, like a hot potato! The protest action was not legitimate, says the Minister of Defense, and he has, of course, absolute right. Don’t be confused about the past of the green people who regularly dressed in chains over time, manifested and protested, more than once before the former WSA warehouse in Bettembourg, rifle-ups! If François Bausch now emphasizes that a MEP does not have a special status, then one has to ask the question whether activists from Green, Greenpeace, mouvéco have such a special status? A good example is Cattenom. A clear “NO”! François Bausch has just arrived in real politics. Ideology was yesterday, and anyway we have no tanks, but so a beautiful tram and equally a military aircraft!





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