The dream of the Luxembourgish language

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we should keep our language higher! That request came in a relatively recent article in “Luxemburger Wort” by Mr Khabirpour, the former director of CPOS, the Center Psychologique et Orientation Scolaire. We should not deal so shamefully with the language that we ourselves almost classify as dialect; To the contrary: the Luxembourgish should be taught from the beginning and more strongly in the schools, the fundamental should even be the emphasis! I was in awe of this statement, because, as my uncle Lex Roth writes of the action in a reader: “My dear Mr Khabirpour, if I had ” chided ” this outright, then I would have possibly get ‘noms d’oiseaux’ soon. ” In other words, who is involved in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and enjoys quite exaggerated patriotism, nationalism prevented, briefly, he is placed in the tight right corner.

Fari Khabirpour – with migration backgrounds – can’t take this curse. So I was just as excited as Uncle Lex in a first run of the statement. The integration of many foreigners goes to a great extent through the portals of our school system. The 700,000 inhabitants have come to us soon – and faster than expected – and now progressing further in the direction of the million-state! How should the many foreigners be integrated, if not through the language ?!

Image par Marsel Elia de Pixabay


it is a reality: since the invention of electronic stuff such as mobile phones and PCs, our language has been used as much as never before! Every day thousands of messages vias sms, WhatsApp, messenger, facebook, twitter, mail, and, and, and … Often not written in a long time, but we were never taught it either – especially the older years. But is that enough to make our language actually have a future? If Mr Khabirpour wishes that in the “fundamental”, ie in pre-primary and primary school, the heavyweight should lie in the Luxembourgish language, we will go through various things.

In a first thought, I will give the man justice! But what does it mean now that our language should be used more in education? Isn’t that the case already? Does the teacher / teacher not speak with the children in Luxembourgish at all? And what does it mean for the children to learn our language properly? Next to German and French, one language was added! Of course, the little baptisms make it easier to learn a language, but the foreign language is especially not easy for foreigners, neither in writing nor in speaking. In addition, Mr Khabirpour believes that English should also be taught sooner in our schools. And that children (even) sooner should be confronted with the digital world!

” Don’t we forget with all the beliefs that these are children between 4 and 12 years old ?! “

Reality is now another! In many municipalities, foreigners are by far the majority. Clear! Teachers speak in the classroom in Luxembourgish as far as possible, but if the Luxembourg language is set at the same level as the other two languages, if such examinations are done, with possibly poor results, the foreign population may be subject to collapse. argues: why should my child learn a language that is not used anywhere in the world, with its professional perspectives not growing any greater, be it in the UK? And then the ‘little’ teacher should see that he agrees with the parents, – ‘little ones’, because most of the teachers are left behind. Particularly severe is the so-called rich municipalities, with foreigners with an extremely high income, who do not rush so fast …. and who walk to the ministry on such occasions and belong there.

iam all about Messrs. Fari Khabirpour and Lex Roth, that the Luxembourgish is “the best language-way” to integrate the people who come to us and feel a little at home. If we are to a million in a few decades, it would be nice if we could largely understand each other in Luxembourgish, it would be less important if it was written correctly or incorrectly! And if Luxembourgish is so important, we adults should set a good example today – I myself haven’t written the language for over 30 years  correctly and I’m still struggling today!


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