The eye or the thigh!

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or the past 35 years, our country has been living in the mainstay of the financial center! This is, however, repeated over and over again, probably to conceal that one finds no alternative, that our economy is still monolithic.

In a note to the government’s formator, Xavier Bettel, it appears that 0.84 percent of operators are responsible for 75 percent of state revenue and point of company taxes! You first rub it on before you let it sink in. And the 0.84 percent are 4 large financial institutions, ie audit firms and banks. And all in all, the financial center (+ subscription fees etc) contributes to almost three quarters of company taxes! We are therefore, as always, completely dependent on the financial center. Garelabox something is going on.



peaking of which: yes, there is Brexit. No matter how cranky or softer, the other year the island leaves the European house; and so that this does not fall into the pile, the other members must dig deeper into the bag. Luxembourg has to deal with additional charges of 200 – 300 million euros. In addition, our country must partly reach a level of endowment for unemployed among the front laborers: + 100 million!

In this context, we must consider it when the government goes down, raising the minimum wage, public transport and

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release the maison relay if reform is reversed in the civil service (80/80/90). This is partly justified – but only partly – but costs real money: you can make over 600 million right now and it is hard to count on getting the next tax reform at zero tariff!

So if the financial center gets a little bit of housing too – because of Brexit, because of Italy or France – then the country and the government will quickly go off the air. It sounds pretty damn good, but somehow played with the fire too! And our country will remain on the everlasting, and if possible, high growth. You haven’t heard from Rifkin for a long time.


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