The finance minister needs to learn to swim….



ince the money comes in only the state budget, this year the state has collected nearly 17 billion tax revenue, which still represents a 12 percent increase in households. If you consider: the last 5 years it was a mere 5 percent – which was still a lot. Especially in the last quarter it has accelerated, with an increase of 25% a year.

Direct taxes on households and on companies increased by almost two-thirds in that progression: an increase of over 12% in households, an increase of 20% for societies; there it is stated by Statec that a number of companies were behind with payments, and the money came before Christmas to the State Treasury.

VAT revenue increased by 9.3 per cent, from the excise tax by 8.2 per cent. And wealth tax – which some want to raise – has jumped by 160 million, which is an improvement of 31 percent.

Pierre Gramegna doesn’t need to be afraid of the black zero though!



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