The green: how good it is to have laws!

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henri Kox has therefore become the new Minister of Housing! Neither Josée Lorsché nor Djuna Bernard, who was actually in the conversation 10 days ago; probably came to the conclusion that, however, Mrs. Bernard was too young for the position and still lacked political experience. But the political march is being blown up at the moment by the Ministry of the Environment: In the case of Traversini, Carole Dieschbourg reported only one word, on September 18 on television in Luxembourg, including the following: “… I have here in that case, even now, no trace of exactly when it’s … “Hoppela! Of course, this may mean that a house, a garden shark, a shed somewhere in the habit, because it was erected far ahead of all environmental laws and it was knowingly or unknowingly forgotten to conform to the regulations. But for the moment, the construction is illegal! And there is this rocky conservation law ( in Article 7.5 clearly:

“Par constructions exist in the zone of the verte, on the basis of the constructions of the authoritarians of the ministry and of the object of the execution in conformity with the authorizations of the ministers, or of the legitarians of the present exigence the authorization of ministers, and it is not to travaux posters for the first erection of any authoritative and legal effects “.

Because the ministry itself found no traces of that garden shed, that construction was in the illegality. The Minister has therefore made legal action by means of their “late” authorization of illegality!


additionally, the parcel (1872) is located in the Prinzbourg nature reserve, in Part A and there is also the law by the grand-ducal regulation

again more than clearly:

“… sonic interdits:

any construction incorporated into the ground or not;
the use of pesticides and organic or animal substances likely to modify the growth of natural vegetation;
the changing effect of the sun.


Would have been the shelf in game B, also called zone tampon, would have been allowed on that spot. However, that is not the case! In other words: the minister and her people could not issue an authorization at all, they would have to cancel the case directly against the case. An ex post authorization is only possible if a “building block” has been previously decreed; which is then removed at some point and the authorization can be released, provided the various elements make it possible. This was the case in another file which was linked to an RTL reader letter for the purpose of this article. All this did not happen in Traversini file!

the procedure for granting – or refusing – such authorizations is incidentally also established: an initial report is made by the feeder and passed on to the supreme party; it is up to him to send the matter to the Ministry of the Environment, where, in a special meeting, a number of people will turn their heads, work on their authorization or refuse, and the matter will eventually pass on to the Minister for Signature. The answer always comes with a number of initials, namely of all the people who participated in the preparation of the ministerial decision. In the case of Mr Traversini’s authorization, it is regularly pointed out – from lawyers to politicians – that there are only two initials: that of the minister and that of the secretary!

“The greens keep the ball flat”

In its statement of 18 September, the Minister pointed out on television:” Here, too, was a renovation of an existing, already existing building. There is no enlargement … nothing else asked. Therefore, this is his normal way of looking at the file “

Apart from the fact that the law and the Grand Duke’s rules speak a different language, the deli for authorization has been extremely short-lived, from July 9 to August 12 – especially for the Ministry of the Environment, which is well known as a management of the “spinning shooters”, as the history of the roof construction has shown or even the experiences of Mrs. Brigitte Bertrand there more than merit

The minister and party colleague François Bausch met this Saturday at RTL after Mrs Dieschbourg. Did he almost have to! For the rest no longer should be communicated in that matter! In fact, it was the green people who regularly tried to harass environmental texts for the last decades, but now they ran the risk of being themselves. Are they aware of this? If strict laws are required, they must adhere strictly to them! Even if it’s just a shed. Still, the ministry has the opportunity to revise its decision. It would be the cleanest solution, as the responsibility of the ministry is committed by Article 6 of the Grand Ducal Regulation:

Art. 6.

Notre ayant dance is attributed to the protection of the natural and the resources of the natural and the charge of the execution of the present regulation in the public domain.

Withdrawing the authorization would, of course, be an avenue that something went awry, politically so Harakiri. The Traversini affair becomes a Dieschbourg affair, with the deterioration of the climate … in the government.


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