The praises stink!

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yesterday was the first session since the Commission’s Internal Security Council meeting and it was – who wonders? – about the history of the secret case and file, respectively. It is not wrong, as RTL writes, that the opposition voted against a special commission that in the future would take particular care of this people, and yet it does not correspond to the whole truth. Such a special commission was not, as one might assume, brought to the discussion by the CSV, but by a government party!


dP leader Eugène Berger was surprised by the statement that he had heard from Prime Minister Xavier Bettel on the RTL broadcasting background last Saturday and that he was there

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would like to hear as if the Prime Minister had absolutely nothing to oppose such a special commission: in which clemency could be disputed all in a view to make the various files compliant with the relatively recent data protection law. The initiative thus came from the largest government party. After these statements, the relevant minister François Bausch got a red head and spoke to the statement: he had also heard the Prime Minister and, without that, heard absolutely nothing from such a special commission. The same is always said: four ears are heard by more than two! But it was obvious: François Bausch did not want to know anything about such a special commission, and the two politicians stood in front of the opposition’s representatives. CSV did not fly long and welcomed Eugene Berger’s initiative and immediately demanded a vote. In addition, Eugene Berger got off his feet and said that the idea of ​​such a commission should be well discussed first, it should also be discussed in the Chamber’s office …. in short, the man gave his idea pulled back. Vote came, but the opposition lost 8:7.


the DP leader’s initiative is politically interesting and leaves a deep eye; you can hear that the two sides – blue and green – really looked at each other in confusion, which is the confirmation of what one has heard already on the election Sunday at the DP: only a part of the party was, and is, for a second edition of the Triangle Coalition. The praise stinks between the Democratic Party and the ecologists. One remembers how rat-fatz the mayor Lydie Polfer had left Green as a coalition partner on knots; one must also look to the Directorate of Déifferdéng: Deputy Mayor Roberto Traversini is already politically dead, in the sense that he will no longer be in question, retiring to the government somewhere; the sharpest shot there actually was the blue. Had Party President Corinne Cahen intervened in the sense of coalition peace, the local DP section would have failed. But it is free to wander into a “scandal” where even the next session of the Municipal Council may still be awaited, and, of course, the statements of the Mayor himself, regarding the work on his house, farms and trees . And last but not least, Felix Braz is missing in the triangle coalition.

Over-worded: Roberto Traversini has it in his hands these days: if he has something to propose, he should resign at the head of the community. Is he still a member of Parliament at this time? For the Green or the Independent? And if the accused were to confirm his case, then in this affair the collateral damage will remain for the Minister of the Environment Carole Dieschbourg.


                                              “…Peace, Joy, Eggcakes,

that was yesterday…”



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