The Socialists on the Misery’s Bridge

Image par OpenClipart-Vectors de Pixabay

especially  Brexit has become a lesson ifor the luxembourgish and, indeed, European socialists. In the British elections of December 12, Labor went to Baahan! The Conservatives added 47 seats, the Socialists lost 59, making their worst result since 1935. Former Big Boss Tony Blair almost fell out of the couch, the 10-year-old British prime minister with a Social Democrat Or, coupled with liberalism. He reassured the people of Labor, and in the main their leader, Corbyn, that as a socialist you only have a chance if you stand in the political center!

Corbyn came to the top of the party because the base he had chosen. Well, a party base can be yours! This we will experience in the following months among the comrades in Germany, where the base has chosen two completely unknowns; that duo won’t be able to hold it to the top until next fall. Now it is the case in the United Kingdom that, as well as in Germany, the left wing of the Party Radau will strike and act accordingly. That does not mean that the “gauche” was right.

luxembourg is anxious to go in the same direction. Economy Minister Etienne Schneider, an outspoken liberal politician, gives the towel. His comrades Dan Kersch and Taina Bofferding are among the more left-wing in the party, Dan Kersch is new vice premier and Taina Bofferding is considered the next top candidate – even if it is still a bit early. The more than moderate “schniggy” Schneider should have been taken to heart, not to finish his oblique mandate; Renouveau should also try to replace Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, who is, however, holding hands and feet. It is hard to imagine, however, that neither he nor Mars di Bartolomeo will appear on the next electoral roll. The LSAP is therefore clearly weakened to the next course.

If this is followed by a change in political direction, it will be seriously dangerous. Designated Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot has just started to think about a direct economic tax on the radio, and already it was going with a regular SOZI bashing in the internet world. Messrs. Robert Goebbels, Jeannot Krecké and Etienne Schneider have always maintained that there is no point in staying politically on the left, for the simple reason, because that corner is rather small, especially when one looks at active voting. In my opinion, strategic thinking is not wrong. If the Socialists turn left too sharply, their trend will continue down!


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