They tacuisses … No. 2

Xavier Bettel,Yves Kortum

About 60000 people read my article on the appearance of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel within 16 hours! This is amazing because the “gkonline” has only been online for 3 weeks. It shows two things, however: one does not do Uuz with the worries of the people and elsewhere it shows how great the worries are of the people, that they can buy their own home and still live together!

Imentioned just one example, of a woman, monoparental, who has the unqualified minimum wage. The problem, however, must be considered even more widespread: even a bachelor with a qualified minimum salary may work more than just getting out of those pocket money, and even a person who has € 3,000 a month can afford almost nothing to possibly get a small loan from the bank in order to afford a small studio with a maximum of € 200,000. It is the people themselves who are thinking big, and there are also the young parents who, if they can’t help financially, they have to watch as their children go around the circle without the slightest chance of getting out of that number.

There is so much to write about the problem of “housing” in the UK, which I can’t do today, because I am on vacation; after a lot of snow these last few days I might be on the mountain for the first time today. So go get healing. But I come back to the theme. My first experience on the Internet has brought me in a bad way, how deep the Malays are in Luxembourg society, and this malaise should be taken seriously, especially by politicians, of course, and with the prime minister.




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