Three-way coalition



n 2013, the CSV (which with Juncker) weakened and the elections because of the SREL affair. 2018 Gambia weakened and elections: DP will lose 2 seats (center and south), who have green problems to retain their headquarters in the north (a Claude is not Camille) and from the LSAP assume they will ‘The rudder didn’t get ripped off.

After the last election, I was the only one in the media world who was skeptical of a triple coalition. Consequence: I was directly plunged into the guts of the CSV. With that logic, it continued for 4 years. Every time someone voted to criticize a minister or a project of blue-red-green, one was supported, so that at the end of the month, a check of the CSV be lodged in the letter box. Of course, this is a complete quibble, but especially the so-called left-liberal ‘thinkers’ are bad brothers (and just like sisters) on that plan.

I just thought that it is easier to run a government that consists of two parties and not three. For the Fourth Government has shown that it is not always so easy to hold a couple together if it is once powerless; why should it be easier to direct a triple coalition? At the beginning of the millennium, I took a break from journalism for 20 months and worked at the financial center (ABBL). The few times I give a short speech I made the experience that foreign guests were enthusiastic about our political system at that time: Stability High 6. Permanently a CSV at the helm, at most the coalition partner was changed every 15 years. Not that you misunderstand me now: I don’t want CSV permanently at the helm (but that was the case until 2013!), But I remain of the opinion that a three-way coalition is not good, completely independent of the const, that Gambia did not do any bad work at all.

Insulating material and yoghourt now show how difficult a three-pronged alliance is: DP and LSAP are economically on the same line, and they automatically associate themselves with the green ones and the hair. DP and LSAP have long abandoned the idea of ​​Gambia 2, and it is mainly the routes that hit the smallest (but the Prime Minister has already done so, with his remark: the DP is not the party, telling people what to think, how to live.). That will continue this way until October: 50 months is done as if everything was in the best order, and now the lid flies in: Etienne every morning just springs the green from the Roquefort… the blot he keeps until after the summer break.

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