thrown money out the window?

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of course, in this privileged situation, I can be able to comment on political moments without having just the slightest draw. Add to that the fact that one afterwards is more hurt than before. So it shouldn’t come across as over-hyped if I here criticize some decisions by the government in the fight against the virus.

But what about the health ministry, at the beginning of the pandemic, to send the presumed Covid 19 patients to the medical centers? Was it just to protect the generalists in their cabinet? In any case, almost nobody went there, for fear of an infection. More than once, in that context, I got to hear the word of virus sliders. Similar considerations for the CSA (centres de soins avancés), which as Lazarett were a rather daunting image. Why set up 4 pieces and not even start with one? Such facilities are intended for emergencies and to be disposed of accordingly.

The absolute flop, however, risks becoming “flat-out testing”! Citizens no longer participate. The test may be too late. At a time when the number of new infections is declining massively, people no longer see the meaning of it. Apart from the fact that the test was not immediately contested at the outset, the citizen now shows his ras-le-bol. The question is allowed: why an order – in the newspaper – of 1.6 million is issued during these tests ?! It would have been possible to start with half a million with the possibility of re-ordering later. One would just have to formulate the contract accordingly.

statements from the Ministry of Health cost the entire action – probably “non-action” – a little less than 40 million euros. So people just came in to write the law. Is there a possibility of getting out of that contract? If not, they would probably have put 30 million euros in the sand!

“… it costs, what it costs! …”

… said at the beginning of the “war” against Corona Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. Reassuring words to say to the citizen: Health has no price. If the statement was true 3 months ago, however, it would now be time to take a full brake. The virus crisis costs us ‘la peau des fesses’, the ashes away, the country has been at least sealed for 10 years, the European Union for decades! It is therefore high time to review each issue twice!

anyway are the security measures

Image par Patrick Behn de Pixabay

no longer taken seriously, nor – and perhaps just as well – no longer from the state side. Example: The anti-racism manifesto on Saturday. In front of the American embassy were 1,500 people, no social distancing, some of the protesters without a mask. In fact, it would have been disgusting if there had been no such event in Luxembourg! However, I must bear in mind that a few days before, when significantly fewer people were going to demonstrate their fundamental rights, the order was completely different!

So return to normalcy, in hospitals, nursing homes, shops, yes on the playgrounds and also back into politics normality. And that can only mean that the window needs to be closed so that the money doesn’t get blown out: everything we now spend “uselessly” must later be repaid just as “useless”!


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