To the state housing fund: From air numbers, one loser and three big winners



It is written in the year 2015. The housing minister on call, Mrs. Maggy NAGEL (DP), with both her vassals in the housing ministry, Damen Diane DUPONT (Architect) and Andrée GINDT (Lawyer), failed to find any attempt at the state housing, MILTGEN, preferably by means of public speaking accents, to dismiss.

Your first public complaint was a media complaint against Officer D. MILTGEN at the Prosecutor’s Office. The Tat file was famous after the representations of Mrs. M. NAGEL and your lawyer at 1) praise illégale d’interérts (art. 245 du Code penal) and 2) traffic of influenza (art. 246 and 247 du code penal) in frames private real estate projects in Leudelingen. Through this complicated matter, also called business “LIVINGROOM”, the political legitimacy for the unfair dismissal of D. MILTGEN is initiated. Unfortunately, much later than expected, by the end of the year 2018, through a lawful decision of the Chambre du Council, the criminal proceedings against D. MILTGEN will be instituted.

Almost phased, Ms. M. NAGEL reads her second air number from the stack. By telephone and photogen, they ordered an audit at PwC that should provide evidence that the state housing fund, and as implicitly D. MILTGEN, would not fulfill its duties. Auditor was the PwC Mitarbeiter Jacques VANDIVINIT with his team. They are “accompanied” (as one would prefer) by a ministerial liaison committee consisting of one another from both ladies A. GINDT and D. DUPONT. The outcome of these audits should also be decisive. PwC prefers no good hair to the guiding skills of the parastatal institution.

There, prepared in March 2015, from his office, D. MILTGEN, quite openly to the heavy-moving Vorwürfen of PwC, in a multi-page text, accurate position. Here, on, the following was read: “He (MILTGEN) criticizes the lack of objectivity of analysis, writes by Errors, cheap statements and even lies in the report. His conclusion: The audit said it was an “unprofessional job” that lacked in “objectivity”. The facts refute numerous criticisms ”.

As stated, the district chairman of the state housing construction fund, D. MILTGEN, will be deprived of his office on March 18, 2015, as the academic key personnel of this county will ultimately be determined to the big winners:


– Mrs. Diane DUPONT is ordered to chair the Housing Fund;

– Mrs Andrée GINDT is obligated to the Commissioner of Government for the Housing Fund;

– Mr. Jacques VANDIVINIT is appointed Director of the Fund for Housing.


Luxembourg, June 7, 2019






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