Traffic jam eat up soul!

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the week has already started excellent again on our roads. Due to two accidents, nothing happened: the Escher and Trier motorways were completely blocked, to such an extent that there was almost no traffic in the capital (0805 PM) and I arrived at the dentist far too early. However, many people came back late to work: my crafts at home were flushed at 9am from the traffic jam, at the dentist they also delayed, with certainty, thousands of employees who had to apologize to their employer, who had the morning course ‘already’ behind it as well.

The automaker spends 33 hours a year in traffic jams. Add to that the time of the ‘normal’ journey to get to work. In one study, STATEC calculated that the resident has 90 minutes of transportation every day from Monday to Friday, and the situation has hardly improved in the last six years. As mentioned just for the residents, and that means a cost of no more than € 400 million a year. If you take into account the costs for the operators (delays in production / delivery) and the over 215,000 fronts – every week 133 there will be that “value” not far from a billion!

money throw away! Above all, though, an absolute minus when it comes to quality of life. 45 minutes in the car, sitting in the train / bus / tram (90 for all returns), in great weather – with a lot of fog, like today – and then even more successful starting his work,

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this already confines itself to superhuman capacities. With that, tram will change as well as nothing. The government insists on doubling the tramways and at some point, the Diddlong motorway is being increased to three lanes. But if more than 7,000 frontiers were added to the ground each year, and thus more than 70,000 for 10 years, these measures will not be sustainable!

Politically, this plan is as good as nothing before government even when one resigns from Michel Wolter’s IVL. The majority of the MPs are fired from the government work, this being the opposite. And so no one has the courage to even dance out of line, and raise the question: do we want to continue to grow in the abrupt rhythm ?! Gradually the greens had spit at other times in opposition times: you could at least dream of a small farm, the birds twitched, the sheep blocked, the woman crooked …


Politicians are too busy with themselves.
That is unhealthy!


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