Tschüüss! I’m off then!

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s a politician, one has to have a wide ego, one does not do the job! Nicolas Schmit is one of the people who do not at present have the worst opinion of themselves. As Minister of Labor, he actually passed the ADEM reform, a reform that still needed a few years before it even reached the last of the employees in that administration. Nicolas Schmit is a good speaker, and he manages to get the congratulations on the party base, and almost the man has been in the fray for years. As early as 2011, he wanted to become Secretary-General of the OECD; Afterwards, party colleague, Foreign Minister and passionate cyclist Jean Asselborn resigned for months as ambassador to Paris, but nothing should be said about it. In 2016 he was supposed to replace Henri Grethen at the European Court of Auditors, but since Grethen did not resign as chairman of the Savings Board, he was nixed there.

Since the last national elections it is clear: Nico Schmit becomes EU Commissioner. Finally arrived at the destination! But this can already be complicated up to the post, because in the election round the Vice Prime Minister Etienne Schneider passed through, that he was just as interested in this post; a statement he very quickly withdrew, but le mal étai fact!


nicolas Schmit was able to fire himself. In the run-up to the European elections and in the run-up to the Congress of European Socialists and Spain, the man would have

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made sure that he was interested in becoming a European spokesman, thus contesting the opposition of Frans Timmermanns. As short as that was, he could now turn against the Luxembourg people. The carpenter would not have forgotten this and would have been quite different from Schmit as commissioner. Of course, I never confirmed this, but didn’t formalize it. However, it is in the conversation, even in European colleges. However, the prerequisite is clearly the distribution of posts in the EU. But even if Carpenter is hardly the president of the commission, he is always in a position to account for it. The planned big alliance against populists is being negotiated in the scenes. By the way, Xavier Bettel, by the way, is not going to become EU Council President … be it Chancellor Angela Merkel would feel sorry for her.


it was noticed that a lot of comments were made about Etienne Schneider being in the past. It always means the man would withdraw from national politics before the summer break – or shortly thereafter. Then he should have something different, maybe direction Berlaymont in Brussels? A battered pill for Nicolas, but, with so many good party friends, you don’t have to look for enemies! As I said, decided is nothing yet, but the chances for Mr Schmit are not for the best!






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