Unanimity against the saints on the road!

image credits: rtl.lu

When we talk about heathens, we first think of our capital. Some people argue that this is against the line, while others say that saints are a basic human right. Add to that the controversy that it is often not about the “classic Clochard” but about organized bands. For many years now, a police officer has been waiting for the parking lot of the parking lot to attract people’s attention. That part fell so low that he didn’t notice. Well regardless: if the police actually think it’s often about “organized crime”, the question arises: why don’t they do anything against it. For some years, the new law has already existed!


T he discussion was limited to a conflict between the good and the evil. But the calculated city of Diekirch takes on a new task. In this commune, yesterday’s prohibition has been banned. The red mayor introduced the necessary rules, and this was adopted unanimously! So of reds, of blue, of black, yes even of green !. In Article 54 of the Police Regulations it now reads: “The mendicancy of the interdite in the territories of the Ville de Diekirch”. Mayor Claude Hagen says in Tageblatt, one had to react unfortunately, because more and more people who did not live in Diekirch themselves had come to this city; in addition, people would realize that these were refugees, but not necessarily the truth.


A nother interesting development: until then, whoever wanted to ban the saints was pushed into the corner of Bohemian: a discussion – organized gangs or not – was immediately eradicated. Now, with blessing, sorry: by vote in Diekirch, it should finally be possible to discuss it, even in the municipality of Luxembourg, because, when the many women with young children, many older men with guns, are actually forced to call, and in the evenings have to spend their raised money at the Big Boss, then it’s human trafficking, and that must be banned and severely punished!



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