Water attack in the plane!


back from my peacefull vacancy in the deep south, I still don’t gett it!. The plane had just gone off and I tried to doze. When I opened the eyes briefly, I noticed that my neighbor had been changed: no more young man who had much trouble getting his long legs tucked between the seats, but now a slightly older man. “There was probably an arrangement at amiable,” I thought, and wanted to continue to doze; but when the chief stewardess came to the man,  sat in the corridor to meet him, to speak with him.I became curious. I just got through the noise that Madam has apologized for “that incident with water” and asks if she could do something else for him? When she left, I started talking to this man. What had happened? Here’s his story:


e sat back in the plane. A couple with a baby asks if it was possible for him to sit somewhere else, so they would have a better place – namely the baby. The man didn’t say no, but wanted to make sure where the stewards were going to place him, always the aircraft was almost stubborn. That didn’t seem to fit the baby’s mom, or didn’t go fast enough, and she let the man run a bottle of water over his head and shirt. Scratch, right !? I told the man, in that situation, I would have personally received my 2 Louis-de-Funès minutes, would have said that couple fatally, and would have remained seated expressly. The Lord, however, belongs to the kind of people who are too good for this world and has, in fact, left the seat, even with the notion that, in the other case, the woman would not have become quiet!

The stewardess told the man that neither she nor her colleagues had heard anything about it and apologized for the incident. However, I find it so jarring, humanly so zero, that this ‘incident’ must necessarily have consequences! In such a case, the personal should write down their name and they should be sent home a letter from the airline, stating: “if you ever notice in the future, you come to a black list of passengers, and you are no longer allowed not climb into an aircraft of our society any more! ” And society must also necessarily contact this poor man and apologize for this sad experience. That would be the case even if she is not necessarily responsible for the human qualities of her passengers!

One has learned that small children may not have the best education. In this case, however, the parents had exaggerated, they merit the donkey hat and should be cornered.



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