Weilerbach, refugees, statues and a minister

image credits: nostalgie.lu

the Weilerbach, which used to be a good place for elderly or sick people, is ready to move there. Until recently, there was a place for asylum families. Restoring Weilerbach as a top-level recreation center would have been expensive – even if the renovation works were in progress; Moreover, there will not be any distraction in the immediate surroundings of the building and unless you be satisfied with walking. Well, there is a small park around the foyer and, above all, nature is particularly beautiful. In this park are statues of two statues, and as they used to be, statues with religious background. Nothing particularly valuable, neither from the stone nor from their creative, and yet, each for themselves, a little gem, a witness of a certain time. One is called the statue du sacré-coeur au parc, the other is at the Heilar Cave.

Weilerbach-Cahen-Affaire (glissé(e)s)


N early three years ago, these two statues bowed their heads. That came into the press as well, but just kind of twisted. Initially, a first press release was completely amended. Police wrote that this would have happened in Weilerbach in the park. Family Minister Corinne Cahen intervened because the text did not fit in the line. In the second version of the press release from the police, one read at the time: “,, .. in an adjoining public footpath …”. Madame Madam agrees, well, she just didn’t want to budge. Three years ago, polemic was discussed about refugee policies in Europe, and Weilerbach was in the headlines of the Luxembourg press. André Steffen, himself at the time of the police, engaged in this affair and I refer to his work, which one can read on his facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/andre.steffen.33449?ref=br_tf&epa=SEARCH_BOX. The ministry further did not believe that the police used the terminology: “go head-to-head” and it should not be argued that there were probably children of refugee families who were responsible for this decapitation.

Y ou can understand the minister, but is it normal for her to be so heavily intervened in the police ?! André Steffen further writes that he was pissed off that during the first months of the Gambia 1 government there was a meeting with the head of the police, stating that communiqués from the police were about to be told , delicate subject, first had to go to the State Press Department, for approval! I personally hear similar things at the time, the police feel exhausted and are anything but happy about it. In very serious cases I can accept that, but in such small stories, like those from Weilerbach, I have strong concerns. At least the government should confess color, and release the new “modus vivendi” with the police. Well, under the rule of thumb it’s just (?!) manipulation of the press, and of the public!



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