With a garden shed along a government crisis?


traversini did what he MUST do: he resigned as MP. The man was upset! Within two weeks, two important positions were lost, both as mayor and now those as MPs. He sat on the street in that way. And that because of a garden shark?! Do we have any problems?! housed it more than once in the comments. Of course, politics is a crappy business; But paradoxically, this is a matter of cleaner politics, even if it’s only a sham. When one goes through such “small deals”, one unconsciously opens the doors to larger illegal shops. After all, there is this penal thing, even just for a shelf! And that’s a lesson for the whole politics: today it went green, tomorrow …? Mr Traversini should be quiet and have some questions.


if the garden shed should be demolished, then the revenue on the administrative court will be dropped. In other words, it can never be decided by the judges whether or not the Ministry of Dieschbourg’s authorization was legal. But, still, the complaint is not off the table, so the question arises: can the shed be torn off at the time when a lawsuit arises? And the question arises: did Mr Traversini make the decision – let alone the shack – had it been on his sleeve to take his party out of the firing line, or had it been the case that he had been talking to him, he was put under such pressure?


don’t we worry ?! The shark was all about bringing the term “government crisis” into circulation. The two coalition parties DP and LSAP succeeded in taking the plunge and took the opportunity to support the big winners of the last elections! At first, François Bausch was put under pressure by the “secret” cashier, then the serious heart attack of Felix Braz and directly behind the affairs Traversini and Dieschbourg. One hears of discussions about the part et d’autre among MPs, even with CSV people; However, these talks are not to be taken seriously, they were just intended to put pressure on the green people. That worked: the Greens are hooked, can no longer brag that without Gambia 2 they can’t do anything at all. Ask yourself the question: who was and is in all these stories the WHISTLEBLOWER?



f one comes to the conclusion that the Greens have taken a bloody nose, then that clearly means that the whole government too has caught on. Should further details from the Ministry of the Environment and from Déifferdéng come to the public, in other words: should the image of the green party continue to be scratched, then it would in fact not exclude the fact that DP or LSAP say the green “Aeddi and not thank you” . At the moment, there are three options: the DP enters a coalition and with the CSV, in which she keeps the post of prime minister, or the LSAP climbs again with those blacks and the bed for a GROKO, which however 31 seats coming. Third option: re-election.

In the most sense, a coalition is making DP-CSV. If the two parties went together with the blacks, the two parties would risk it, but especially the LSAP would completely undermine the elections. As far as reelection goes, none of the government parties and even the CSV did not expect a bonus, majority and opposition were eventually elected to work, not to quarrel!

That being said, these are conversations that have actually taken place. They should not be overlooked at this point: they were led to keep the Great Green small. The team around François Bausch is warned! The next 4 years will actually change the climate…



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