Wuhan and the radiant experiment

Image par Bruno /Germany de Pixabay

The essence of things has a habit of hiding.


The new, powerful and highly controversial 5G mobile network should solve many problems. So far, however, researchers have known surprisingly little about how it affects our bodies. Or, on the contrary, very much? It is known that electromagnetic fields do not leave us without a trace. Worldwide protests and corresponding information gatherings on the worldwide introduction of 5G are ignored by the EU governments. Of course, our government, with green-liberal participation, doesn’t want to hear anything about it – and glorifies 5G! Default: China, with piquant … Wuhan! In addition, Chinese research is already working flat out on the next generation of mobile communication, the 6G network, as the Chinese Minister for Industrial and Information Technology Miao Wei announced a year ago. But we as dumb EU consumption people know almost nothing about it! Why do you think?

However, as well-informed experts know to report, 6G research is closely linked to the development of the Internet of Things. 5G technology is already playing a major role in the service sector, the targeted minister said in March 2018, quote: “Autonomous vehicles, for example, not only require information from sensors, but also information connections from vehicle to vehicle and from vehicle to road, so it is a high-quality one Internet urgently needed, ”he said. The three Chinese telecommunications companies China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom each presented their own plans to expand the 5G networks. China Mobile started testing its 5G networks in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou and, well … Wuhan!

… Wuhan? Or. The evil…

Frank Bertemes


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