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it is not enough that the media constantly harp on the same subjects: masks, gowns, tests, pseudo-remedies, while aligning coffins daily before our eyes.

We are tired of hearing every day in a loop, from morning to night, cut by innumerable pubs, some more silly than the others, the same catchphrases.

It is time to seriously address the true origin of this pandemic, which is shattering the world geopolitical order, as Bourdillon rightly notes in Les Echos.

It’s important to know everything about it, if only to be able to react better in a similar disaster.

Newspapers provide few answers to the question.

You have to glean here and there – it’s as if the media and decision-makers are uneasy about going further.

The very annoying Pujadas of LCI was very disappointing, when on the small skylights he pointed the finger as civet officials, bats, and other critters displayed on the market stalls of Wuhan.

I remember the corners of his mouth falling with a disdainful smile, when he was targeting innocent people who hadn’t understood what he had known for a long time.

What does he know?

Nothing at all, or better want to know nothing like so many others in the media.


Let’s try, without pretending to be truthful, to line up in 12 propositions, which we were able to gather as reliable information:

1) one fact is constant: the pandemic had its epicenter in Wuhan.

This is where it all started.

Note that no other Chinese city was affected by this dark history.

Why Wuhan and not Shanghai or Beijing?

2) Wuhan is very special in that there is in its immediate vicinity a microbiology laboratory known under the name: “Wuhan Institute of Virology”.

3) The Chinese had demonstrated in 2013, that they knew how to create and manufacture particularly dangerous viruses.

A team of researchers from the Gansu Agricultural University had given birth to a new virus by mixing the genes of H5N1 and H1N1.

The scientific world, as soon as it learned this disastrous news, immediately sounded the alarm “urbi et orbi” – See on this subject the text of the Parisian – edition of 03.05.2013.

It was around the same time (see point 6) that Hollande was warned of the risk of a new epidemic caused by a virus that could have escaped from a laboratory.

4) In 2015, the Wuhan Institute of Virology opened a first P4 laboratory in close collaboration with France and the U.S.A. Cazeneuve, Prime Minister of Holland, presided over the opening (23.02.2015).

In light of what Hollande knew from 2013, this inauguration takes on its grotesque relief.

The project had benefited from the expertise of the Inserm Jean-Mérieux laboratory in Lyon.

Incidentally, the Chinese P4 researchers had completed an internship in Lyon.

It was the Lyon lab that inspired Wuahn’s.

What is a P4?

A lab’s P4 classification means that it is likely to harbor very pathogenic microorganisms.

These labs are extremely rare.

We know about thirty, including twenty in the U.S.A.

Their creation was the direct result of a serious laboratory incident in Germany in 1967 in Marburg, at the Behring factory, which produced vaccines from kidney cells taken from African monkeys.

Researchers had been infected with the Marbourg virus, causing hemorrhagic fever.

According to Wikipedia, hundreds of bats carrying the virus are kept at Wuhan P4.

5) In 2017, the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation estimated that the world would face a pandemic caused by a virus from a P4 lab within 37 years.

6) It is between 2003 and 2017 that reports periodically appear announcing the plausible risk of a massive, highly lethal pandemic in the next 15 years.

In April 2013, therefore 2 years before the opening of P4 in Wuahn, a new white paper on defense, prefaced by Hollande, was intended to be even more worrying: “the risk exists of a new pandemic – highly pathological – resulting from the emergence of a new virus which will have crossed the species barrier or which will have escaped (sic) from a laboratory !!!

Only insiders could make such apocalyptic predictions.

7) Bourdillon writes in the Echos of the Easter weekend, that the best epidemiologists of Imperial College Harvard warned in January 2020 of the extreme contagiousness of the virus.

8) China’s reaction at the time of the epidemic was passivity inversely proportional to the gravity of the situation, which was getting worse and worse.

The authorities went so far as to threaten sanctions against those who wished to sound the alarm.

Let us remember the fate of this courageous doctor who, himself a victim of Covid-19, did not cease, as long as he had a stump of life, to protest against the lethargy of Power.

Today, celebrated as a martyr, he was conspired at the time as a traitor and persecuted by the media and the police.

Very important question: China – What did it have to hide?

9) When the epidemic could no longer be passed over, the Wuhan market was passed off as the epicenter.

It was the time when we saw bats, civets, and other bugs carrying the virus on TV all over the world, and some journalists said that the Chinese, eaters of anything, would not despise bats.

Pure quatsch, the Chinese do not eat bats.

I have visited China very often.

I never saw that.

10) Woe – the Director General of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Gao Fu had to admit that at least 4 of the first “infected” had had no connection with the Wuhan market – and questioned by a journalist ( see Le Monde on 02.04.2020), he replied: “Excellent question, today I do not know if it was at the market that the virus appeared or if the market was only a place from where it could have spread .

11) According to some sources, a researcher from the lab called Hang Yanling was infected and was considered to be patient zero.

On 02.16.2020, the laboratory disputed this information.

It is curious that this person has not been found to date, whose existence in the laboratory has never been disputed.

All it takes is a brief appearance on the small dormer windows to clear up any misunderstandings …

But now, it does not appear anywhere.

Botao Xiao, a professor in the laboratory of synthetic medicine and biology at the South China University of Technology in Guangzhou, said it is likely that the Coronavirus originated in the laboratory in Wuhan.

12) To all this is added the inconceivable attitude of the O.M.S. who was complicit in the omerta of Chinese leaders.

It was not until 12.02.2020 that the O.M.S reacted for the first time by sending experts to the site, a considerable delay, perhaps decisive for the propagation of the filth.

These are the 12 propositions gathered in a bundle of simple presumptions, but sufficiently consistent to raise a host of questions.

Let everyone make their religion.

It is important to progress on the path of truth, to throw everything into the crucible of doubt.

There are too many liars to do the rest.

We must not leave them alone and not contradicted.

April 14, 2020.

Gaston VOGEL


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